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For most of his life, Jeff Altman resided in Los Angeles where he was a sought after stand up comedian, as well as an accomplished actor, starring and guest starring in TV shows the likes of the Dukes of Hazzard, Nurses, Baywatch, Night Court and the Tonight Show plus many others. In his career, Jeff starred in over 30 national commercial campaigns where he represented such companies as Budweiser, Arby's, Panasonic and General Motors.  His movie credits include American Hot Wax, Easy Money, Highlander 2, Soul man and Doin' Time. And, of course, over 40 appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman.


Now, because of the strangest of love stories, Jeff has moved to Central North Carolina and is focusing on his life long love of sleight of hand card magic. Growing up in Syracuse, New York, Jeff's love of card magic was instilled in him at an early age, as his dad, Arthur Altman, was one of the finest card handlers in the country. It wasn't long before Jeff, as a young boy, began fiddling with a deck of cards. Somehow, despite some of his "strange behaviors" Jeff was accepted into Johns Hopkins University to study Social and Behavioral Sciences. During his time in Baltimore, Jeff became  close friends with card man extraordinaire, Frank Thompson. After graduating from college, Jeff immediately set his sights on Hollywood and the world famous Magic Castle. It was during this time at the "Castle" that Jeff was able to meet and befriend such card greats as Steve Freeman, Ricky Jay and the greatest of them all the "Professor" Dai Vernon.


As his close friend David Letterman says: "If the magic has gone out of your life, call my friend, Jeff Altman, close up card handling at its finest. If you are not amazed and delighted, you may need a full neurological work up, He can do that too!" 

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